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The Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, living between faith and history

Every place wears its clothes, clothes which appear different basing on what it has been through, on its past. And then there are places, like Monte Sant’Angelo, which looks like a lady at an elegant party: scenting of history, dressed with faith, bejeweled with traditions. A pout­pourri which tastes of Puglia. It’s the highest inhabited municipality of…

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Lounge Emirates: luxury in Fiumicino

“Wow!” This is the thought that I had in mind almost the entire time I was in the Emirates Lounge. Anything , from the hostess uniforms, to floors, to watches, to bathrooms, to the prayer room, the centerpieces, the armchairs, televisions, the buffet/restaurant room and then again with food and with the guests. There was nothing…

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Mastercard Priceless Experiences

When I found out I was going to the Mastercard Priceless Rome press conference, I wouldn’t have expected it so casual and multi-thematic. There were six guests: Paolo Battiston, Division President of MasterCard for Italy and Greece; Monica Biagiotti, Head of Marketing Division Mastercard Europe; Antonello Colonna, Chef of international relevance; Paolo Colombo, research manager of Doxa and responsible for “Rome Lovers”; Marco Lodoli, writer and journalist;…

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