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The Venice’ shop-windows

One of the things I love the most about Venice, are its shops, the shop-windows above all. They’re fitted out so well, in a totally different way from the others… According to me this is a detail that helps to make Venice a unique city, ’cause you can only find it here: masks, dresses, mannequins… everything is fitted out in a pure…

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Where to eat in Vieste: Piazzetta Petrone Restaurant

Sudden choices are always the best choices, I always knew it, everyday I get more and more proofs and during the Gargano blog tour in June, I had yet another confirmation. We were walking in Vieste, when Michele, our guide&driver, suddenly decided to take us for lunch to a certain restaurant he knew well. We followed him through…

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n.32: Sleeping in a historical hotel: Saturnia International Hotel, Venice

Finally… Finally! What? We return to talk about the things­ to­ do list… Not that we forgot that, we always keep it in mind, we just need time to organize ourselves (also many of those things are not exactly cheap! Our goal is also finding an less expensive way of doing them… ). Here we done the thing n.32: sleeping…

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