I want to open a sort of column, something that explains the reasons why I love to travel, but also the reasons why it is worth traveling.
Maybe we can convince those who don’t believe in travel!

Traveling allows you to see the world from a different view - Rome
Traveling allows you to see the world from a different view.
Let’s start with a premise: when you travel, when you arrive in a foreign country, it is essential not to expect to find the same things that you have at home.
How many times do you hear from people phrases like: “In London they don’t make coffee the proper way…” ” In the States, pasta is awful!”, “There’s no way I’ll walk around with the veil on my head in Jerusalem!” etc …

No, really, if you want to go to London and have a good coffee , leave it, go to Naples .
If you want good pasta , come to Rome.
In London you’re supposed to drink tea, not coffee.
In the States you have to crank it up with fast foods, not with bucatini pasta.
I guess you can survive 3, 5, 10 days without pasta and coffee.

Traveling allows you to see the world from a different view - fish&chips

Think about it: how would you react hearing in a restaurant a German complain because there are no good sauerkrauts? Usually the recurring thought is: “You could stay at home and eat all of the good sauerkraut you want. ” And the same thing is thought abroad about you, if you move that kind of complaints.

Food is the most obvious example, perhaps because to that we Italians are more connected, but I could do many others.
When we travel, we have to start thinking that we’re going to find another country. We are guests. Not hosts. There they have their culture, their language, their food. If we weren’t all different from each other the world wouldn’t be so interesting, so special.
Ask yourself why Muslim women wear the veil , and why it is important that you also do it in their country. Ask yourself why the Japanese are so servile. Or why if you wear a pair of jeans in Australia they will ask if you are going to work in the countryside. Or ask yourself why in Africa you risk to be put under arrest with public displays of affection. Ask yourself questions, seek, find, understand, study, surprise yourself.

Watch things with their eyes.
You will discover new things which will expand your horizons, you will feel a better person, you will understand that your way of seeing things is not the only one, and maybe you’ll find one which you like more, which you will feel more fitting.
Don’t you find all of this wonderful?