Who we are

Roman by birth, world citizen by adoption. I’ll start introducing myself like this, it suits just right on a travel-blog.

You can call me Lù… Lucia if you’re mad, I’m used to it. I’ve lived six months in London and my mom was already mad at me three months before I even left… imagine how many times i’ve heard my name in its whole lenght that time. Now you also know I’ve lived in London, where I worked a little as photographer and a little as barista.

Now instead I spend my time in a office during the week, travelling the world during weekends and vacations. Or at least I try to. Once in a while I have to stay at home, also to let my parents remember my face.. I am always afraid that one of this days my mom bumps into me on the staircase, give me a squint-eyed look and goes “wow! Look how much this girl looks like me!” Travels though, apart from my parents’ comments, remain my passion together with photography and Harley-Davidsons. All tranquil passions, I know.

Pretty much like crochet’s championship (with all respect to crochet, for Heaven’s sake, if my gandma hears me..)
As tranquil is the bucket list I made.

What else? I am untidy, chaotic, I change my mind every second, I’m awfully stubborn, I’m afraid of heights, i hate ironing, I love country-rock music (what a banal thing for a travel enthusiast, you’ll wonder. Iknow, but I don’t give a damn, leave Trace Adkins alone), I love to eat well… and it shows. I hate cooking, though, I can’t even make a decent coffee. It always come out an awful brown mess.
There, I can leave you on this romantic image. If you wanna know more about me or insult me, you can write to:  l.parpaglioni@gmail.com



<Call me “The Breeze”; I keep blowin’ down the road> That’s what, in 1972 J.J. Cale (and two years later Lynyrd Skynyrd) used to sing: and that’s how I describe myself, in fact my dream is to move and travel all the time, especially if riding a Harley-Davidson. I’m Neapolitan of birth and of vocation (in fact, to me, my city is the most beautiful in the world if you really try to understand it) but I’m living in Rome. I’m a Sagittarius (do you think this explains something?), and I love ’70s and ‘80s Rock music. Since when I was a child, I always wanted to wander and, for this reason, my life is full of “craziness”: starting from when I used to get in the car and leave with no destination (one time I even, literally, let the roll of a dice guide me); to the experiences – of 4 months each – in the States and in the UK; to the improvised trip to Portugal, and also the sudden decision to skydive.
Usually, when I travel, I avoid the classical touristic destinations and enjoy roaming around with no indication or maps because, I’m certain, that is the only way one can cherish the life and the frankness that every place has to give; and also living the “everyday life” of that place, rather than the same old tourist paths, it’s to me a form of respecting the place I’m visiting and the people who live there. Until this day, that attitude has always rewarded me with unexpected beauties and the karmic sensation that, in the end, everything went the right way.

Nunzio Mesupi