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The Drake Hotel in Chicago and the story of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

We spent our first evening in Chicago drinking an aperitif at the Drake Hotel. This is one of my first memories in the States, the first experience in Chicago… and, for this reason, one of the most beautiful one. The experience at the Drake filled us with excitement and prepared ourselves to explore the Windy…

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Eating in the States

As soon as I got down from the plane at New York “La Guardia” airport, the first thing that struck me was the food smell: there was this indefinite smell that surrounded me: smell of hot dogs, mustard, hamburgers, cheese and ketchup and all the junk-food we are accustomed to lately. Soon I discovered what…

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A bite of New York

I’ve been in New York just a little, I arrived at noon to leave the morning after, but still, for better or for worse, even with just a few hours this city leaves its mark. In NY one arrives with a lot of anticipation, with in our heads the movies, the american myth, stars and stripes, lights and…

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