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Lounge Emirates: luxury in Fiumicino

“Wow!” This is the thought that I had in mind almost the entire time I was in the Emirates Lounge. Anything , from the hostess uniforms, to floors, to watches, to bathrooms, to the prayer room, the centerpieces, the armchairs, televisions, the buffet/restaurant room and then again with food and with the guests. There was nothing…

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Mastercard Priceless Experiences

When I found out I was going to the Mastercard Priceless Rome press conference, I wouldn’t have expected it so casual and multi-thematic. There were six guests: Paolo Battiston, Division President of MasterCard for Italy and Greece; Monica Biagiotti, Head of Marketing Division Mastercard Europe; Antonello Colonna, Chef of international relevance; Paolo Colombo, research manager of Doxa and responsible for “Rome Lovers”; Marco Lodoli, writer and journalist;…

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