I needed a little time to write about Krakow after my misadventure experienced in the Polish city (the theft of the Macbook from the locker in the hotel room).
But I know Krakow is not just that, it is much more, there are a lot of beautiful things to do and see in the city.
So, instead of starting by telling you what to see in a weekend or what to eat, I want to start with the most unusual thing, outside the usual tourist path: the Kosciuszko Mound.

Tumulo di Kosciuszko

Unusual things to do in Krakow: view of the Kosciuszko Mound

Unusual things to do in Krakow: visit the Kosciuszko Mound

There are four mounds around Krakow: in addition to the Kosciuszko Mound, there are Wanda, Pilsudski and Krak mounds.
Each has its own history and peculiarity (that of Wanda, for example, every summer weekend can be reached with the historic Tram 0 which leaves from the Jewish quarter), and the two oldest mounds – they are over a thousand years old! – inspired the construction of the “new ones”: Kosciuszko and Pilsudski Mounds.

The Kosciuszko Mound is located on the Sikornik Hill and is the highest of the four (36 meters!). From the top you can see the whole Krakow! You are even higher than the balloon (the famous balloon that is located on the Vistula, 10 euro per flight… not to be missed – Closed to date)!
The mound was completed in 1823 and people of all ages and classes voluntarily constructed it.

Vista dal tumulo di Kosciuszko

Unusual things to do in Krakow: view from the Kosciuszko Mound

Who is Kosciuszko?
Tadeusz Kosciuszko is the first Polish hero. He fought for the freedom of Poland, stifled by foreign domination, leading the uprising of 1794. He also fought for the US War of Independence (to the point that he left his American capital to Thomas Jefferson)! For this reason he is also called “hero of the two worlds”. He died in exile in Switzerland.
The mound was built in his honor in 1820, using the terrain from every US State and Kosciuzsko’s urns were buried with soil from the Polish and American battlefields where he fought.
Indeed, in the mound there is a small museum where a copy of the United States Declaration of Independence is kept, just outside the square dedicated to Paul McCartney.

dichiarazione d'indipendenza degli USA nel tumulo di Kosciuszko

Unusual things to do in Krakow: the copy of the United States Declaration of Independence in the Kosciuszko Mound

You can reach the top of the mound by walking the small steps that accompany the green sides of the monument to the top. A very pleasant walk through history, on the land of America, with all of Krakow in front of your eyes, at your feet.
A truly unmissable place for anyone visiting the city!